Monday, December 2, 2013

1. Unconditional Love

Master Trevor:          Welcome. This is Master Trevor Allen from Melbourne, Australia. I am very grateful and very honored to be chosen by Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha as one of his worldwide representatives. I am here to share unconditional love. I would like you to learn how to create more unconditional love for your life, including your relationships and within yourself because love melts all blockages and transforms all life, including your relationships and finances.
                                    We say hello: Dear Divine, Dear all countless saints, Dear all our spiritual mothers and fathers in all layers of Heaven on Mother Earth we love you, we honor you, appreciate you. Please come into my lower abdomen and chant with me. Please create more love for every aspect of my life. I am very grateful, and Dear, all my systems, organs, cells I love you. Please chant with your deepest love to create more unconditional love for every aspect of my body, my heart and my spiritual journey. Do a good job, thank you, thank you, thank you.
                                    Sit up straight. Place your consciousness below your navel. Utilize a golden light ball which is called mind power in your Ming Men area, which is directly, horizontally away from your naval to your spinal cord. This Ming Men area is the Tao place for your life. It creates everything for your life, and you can heal everything in your life. Ming Men is the most important Yin-Yang acupuncture point.
                                    Focus there gently. Visualize that golden light ball there. We are going to chant "Da Ai," which in Mandarin means "Greatest love". You can chant in English, "Greatest love" or Chinese.
                                    Da Ai, close your eyes, relax. Remember to focus your attention in your Ming Men. Chant with love.
                                    How, you can chant silently or aloud. When you chant aloud, you change the cells in your body, the larger cells. When you chant silently, you change the smaller cells in your body.
The Yin and Yang is an important balance for your life. Aloud it's Yang, so silently it's Ying. Don't hesitate to chant for ten minutes or half an hour, silently or aloud, any time of the day, before you would go to sleep, whatever.

                                    Thank you for coming. See you next time, enjoy, bye-bye.
The one-sentence secret of Sound Power is "You are the mantra." The yang to this yin is "What you want to become, you chant!" Chant Divine Joy, Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Intelligence, Divine Beauty and more. Chant with the Divine Downloads that are available - many in Master Sha's books

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