Soul Healing Services

You may be looking for the Divine way for healing and transforming your life. Master Trevor Allen offers you many opportunities to experience the divine way for soul healing and transformation of every aspect of your life, including health, relationships, finances, intelligence and more.

In consultation with Master Trevor, you may receive many types of Divine Karma Cleansing Services, including Divine Sickness Karma Cleansing to remove soul, mind and body blockages of an organ, system, part of the body, or condition. You may receive Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants for organs, systems, cell packages, and energy centers. You may receive other types of Divine Blessings, including blessings for feng shui, businesses, pets and more.

You may have many questions, challenges or blockages in your life that need spiritual guidance. Soul Readings can be given for any aspect of your life. They can guide you in:
   Self-healing chronic conditions
   Making important life and career decisions
   Parenting a child
   Family and relationships
   Discovering your life purpose
   Improving any part of your life
   And much more

Each soul reading with Master Trevor is unique and personalised to you. There may be information accessed and provided about your past or future lives. Spiritual guidance on how to overcome obstacles and challenges is given. Readings often bring more love, compassion, peace or clarity.


Master Trevor works with people from all over the world in person and over the telephone and Internet. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal session with Master Trevor, please email Skype trevor.hartley.allen He would be honored to serve and work with you.