Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Immortal Tao

The normal process of a human being’s life is birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, senior citizenship, sickness or infirmity, and death. Millions of people are searching for anti-aging secrets. Millions of people wish to have a long life. Many seniors would like to live longer. Think about your family and friends. Think about yourself. Would you like to have true anti-aging secrets? This is to chant for reach the Tao

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Divine Soul Song of Forgiveness with Master Sha and Master Helene Ziebarth

Should I forgive | How can I forgive | why should I forgive | The power of Forgiveness practice with Master Sha
Dear Ones,
In addition to love, forgiveness is another key to purification and healing. Forgiveness and love are two sides of the same key. You cannot have unconditional love without unconditional
forgiveness. You cannot have unconditional forgiveness without unconditional love. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Many sicknesses, relationship blockages, financial challenges, and other challenges in life are due to a lack of forgiveness.This is so beautiful for your life. This is so special to continue follow the importance of forgiveness practise daily to improve relationships, business and more. Thank you Master Sha Love you Master Sha cbdscbdscbds

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Master Sha Chants Jin Dan Neng Liang Boost Energy

Dear Ones,

Chi is vital energy or life force. Chi moves through the meridians, the pathways of energy used by Chinese acupuncturists. The purpose of tai chi is to produce and move chi. Where does chi come from? It comes from the vibration and radiation of matter. In human beings, chi comes from cellular vibration. Our cells are constantly vibrating, contracting, and expanding. Energy radiates out from this cellular vibration. This energy is chi. Similarly, trees and flowers radiate their energy, or chi from the vibration of their matter. It is no different for an ocean or a mountain; for the sun or the moon; for every planet, every star, every galaxy, and every universe. Everything radiates its energy, or its chi, from the vibration and resulting radiation of its matter.

Everything in the physical world has matter. Matter vibrates and radiates energy. In turn, energy itself vibrates and radiates. Everything has a soul. A soul radiates and also vibrates. Your cells are constantly vibrating, constantly radiating energy. If you are tired or lack vitality and stamina, it is because your cellular vibration is impaired. To boost your energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity,use will direct the soul of yourJin Dan Neng Liang for cells to vibrate normally. Once normal cellular vibration is restored, chi will be produced normally and radiate and flow smoothly. This will boost your energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Tao Calligraphy Distant Healing Quantum Level

Dear Friend,

Starting Nov 21 I will be offering a limited number of people the opportunity to receive TAO Calligraphy Healing for ONE condition or issue for 300 minutes.
I will offer the TAO Source Calligraphy „DA AI“ - „Greatest Love“ healing for 10 minutes every day for one month. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

This is 300 minutes in a month.
300 minutes powerful healing Love and Light for your condition has the potential to completely transform any life challenge or sickness.

The Tao Source Calligraphy Greatest Love carries the very high frequency and vibration of light and love.
(50’000 Hz and more)
And this power will then go to the aspect you choose that needs healing. (most blocked or painful areas have a very low frequency and vibration 20’000 and below)

The Tao Calligraphy Distant Healing is dealing with the root blockages which are on the Quantum level.
(Quantum Science says information or message - the spiritual realm talk about Soul … These are the
different words for the SAME thing ;) … )
Therefor this healing is happening on the Soul Level.
As my teacher Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches: The Soul is the Boss. . . When the soul heals, healing of mind and body will happen.

What can you request healing for?
You can ask for any physical pain, for any organ, system or part of the body you feel pain or condition.
You can ask for a relationship healing.
You can ask for unbalanced emotions or any blockage that is burdening you.
Be creative. Everything can be healed. Even negative habits and beliefs .

To be part of this Divine healing experience, you only need honor a $50 AUD one time registration fee.
Your healing will begin on Nov 21 and conclude on Dec 21 2016.

After one month or earlier I would love you to share your experience and transformation on Facebook so
that others can learn about and benefit from this most profound TAO SOURCE healing.

If a miracle healing occurs for you, you may feel moved In your heart to honor more, but $50 is all that is
being asked for this powerful healing experience.
Of course if you do not experience significant positive
change after this 300 minutes of healing – your $50 honor fee will be returned in full. That is my personal
100% money back guarantee.

I want as many people to heal and to get to know the Power of Tao Calligraphy Healing so that they can
transform their lives.

I look forward to your healing and transformation. Please note that numbers are limited. Registration
closes on Nov 14 2016. Healing begins Nov 21 2016.

To register call Master Trevor Allen on 0439009330

or email Please include your phone number if you are contacting us by email.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Master Sher Tao Song to open heart

Lovely Thank you Thank you We are really looking for you to come to Australia. Love You Trevor

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jin Dan can bring you to Tao
Dear Ones,

About five years ago, the Divine and Tao guided me to release one of the most important practical sacred Tao practices. This practical treasure is named Jin Dan practice.

Jin Dan is a golden light ball located in one’s lower abdomen, just below the navel and in the center of the body. No one is born with a Jin Dan. Special Tao practice is required to create a Jin Dan.

Jin Dan has layers—different sizes and frequencies. A Tao practitioner can absolutely form a Jin Dan through his or her own efforts. Generally speaking, the Jin Dan developed by a Tao practitioner in this way is the size of a fist. This Jin Dan is created entirely through the practitioner’s own efforts. We could call such a Jin Dan a human Jin Dan.

In one sentence:

Jin Dan is the greatest treasure for all life.

A human being’s soul, mind, and body and a human being’s message, energy, and matter are not enough to build a Jin Dan. Jin Dan gathers the soul, mind, and body of Heaven and Earth, as well as the message, energy, and matter of Heaven and Earth. The Divine and Tao have given me a sacred divine and Tao mantra consisting of eleven sacred phrases. They have guided me that chanting this sacred mantra could help you build your Jin Dan eight to ten times faster than traditional ways.

How does this mantra work? Chanting this sacred mantra gathers the message, energy, and matter from Tao, all universes, all galaxies, all stars, all planets, all layers of Heaven, Mother Earth, the human realm, and from your own soul, mind, and body, to form your Jin Dan.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Introduces the Love Peace Harmony Movement in Melbourne and celebrates the upcoming International Day of World Peace.

The Love Peace Harmony celebration for International Day of World Peace is to truly celebrate Love Peace Harmony. 
This is a joyful occasion to unite heart and soul with everyone around the world. 

Join us and experience the power of chanting and singing Love Peace and Harmony to transform and make a difference for humanity, our communities and the world. 
Experience wonderful family activities to celebrate Love Peace Harmony and World Peace.

Bring a picnic lunch. 

Enjoy children's activities, including art and craft activities. 

Experience and enjoy Tao Calligraphy, meditation, Love 

Peace Harmony performers, and celebrate the joy of song
and dance.

Please join us for this very special event to join souls, hearts and minds as one, to truly bring Love Peace Harmony and world peace for all.

Venue: Lawn 4, Treasury Gardens, Wellington Pde, Melbourne VIC 3002

Date/Time: Sunday, 18th September at 11am - 3pm

For enquiries please email: