Saturday, December 14, 2013
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New Years Blessings
You and your loved ones are invited to join Master Sha’s extremely special New Year’s Blessings teleconference for 2014.

Each year since 2005, Master Sha has held a special New Year’s teleconference with his students around the world. The sacred wisdom is hold a sacred ceremony at the end of each year to show our gratitude and appreciation to the Divine, Tao and The Source for their blessings offered during the past year and to request their blessings for the New Year.

Master Sha will hold a one-hour sacred soul healing ceremony to lead all registered participants in expressing their gratitude, and offering service to humanity, Mother Earth and all souls.

With the greatest compassion and love, Master Sha will offer priceless permanent treasures from Heaven (Divine) to each registered participant on the teleconference.

These blessings can transform all of your life beyond words, comprehension and imagination. All of your life includes energy, stamina, vitality and immunity; healing for the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies; preventing all sickness; purifying and rejuvenating soul, heart, mind, and body; transforming all kinds of relationships; transforming all kinds of business; increasing intelligence; and bringing success to every aspect of life.

Please share the information for this very special New Year’s event with your loved ones and others. These treasures can be offered to them and their loved ones.

Every participant must register and be on the telephone call in order to receive the treasures. Not valid for those in the soul world or pets. Below are the times for several time zones. Be sure to check for your time zone:

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