Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dear beloved ones here are a few  quotes from the
"Living Divine Relationships" (Master Sha Book) )which you enjoy so much and receive many blesssings and purification.               
"So you see it is most important to know that when you lose your awareness of the beauty and perfection of each day and each moment, it is you who are separating from your relationship with God."
Living Divine Relationships p.28                                                                                                 

"Greet all moments for the rest of your life with purity, kindness and gratitude."
Living Divine Relationships p.33
                                                                                             So To realize our complete life and to help you also realize the true purpose of your soul, you must learn that darkness and light are one and the same.
Living Divine Relationships p.130 

You must therefore not only purify your thinking, you must bring your thinking into a place of clarity in which there is no thought, just awareness.
Living Divine Relationships p.137
                                                                                       To be To be a universal servant, we must always be in this state of quiet and peace to listen well and receive guidance.
Living Divine Relationships p.151

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