Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Special Offer !!

SPECIAL OFFER! You have a unique opportunity to receive the Highest Source, Wu Ji Da Tao Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System for Relationship with the Divine (for yourself, or for your 14 Ancestors). Every soul has this type of karma, which can be one of the major blockages on one’s Soul Journey. Until March 22, this service is available via Book Purchase for your relationship with all layers of the Divine. The honour fee is $250. You may also choose to serve your 14 immediate or important ancestors by honoring this service on their behalf. This honour fee is $1400. Also available from this workshop is the Wu Ji Da Tao Mind Intelligence Jin Dan. This exciting new offer can assist with transforming mind blockages, mental challenges and much more. This offer is availble until Saturday March 15th. The honor fee is $150 US (book purchase as well) There is no reading required for this service. Everyone can receive this incredible service. You do NOT need to register this service with us. Simply go to (Only purchases from are eligible for this service) and honor the equivalent amount of books (honor fees include customs, taxes and shipping) and you will receive your services via Akashic Record on Sunday, March 16 or 23, 2014.

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