Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Receive Blessings For Your Relationship with The Divine

Master Sha has just offered one of the most amazing blessings to us, to receive karma cleansing for our relationship with the Divine. This is truly beyond words; every soul needs this blessing. Master Sha has given our friends, family, our pets the opportunity to receive this beyond generous Divine blessing, I call each of you to share this opportunity with as many souls as possible. I share here The Wu Ji Da Tao Committee's flow on the power and significance of this most incredible blessing: This is a very historic day Master Sha as offered the highest blessings. To miss this (karma cleansing and blessing) is so painful for the souls. There is no time to waste, having your relationship karma cleared with the Divine is truly unimaginable, this is the greatest gift that has ever been offered to humanity. Understand that Heaven is in charge of everything, to have a blessed relationship with the Divine is to have every aspect of your life blessed, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is beyond words.Humanity has been so blocked by this karma for so many lifetimes. It is this karma that has created the wars and much of the conflict in the world. This is because humanity has not been able to feel Heaven's love deeply enough, because of the karma they have created and continue to create. Read More on Master Robyn's blog. To receive this blessings simply buy the Soul Healing Miracles Book from amazon worth $250 and the akashic records will note the same.

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