Friday, October 18, 2013

Power Healing Book

Dear everyone welcome to my blog.
This blog emphasizes the Power Healing Book and its benefits from Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha who has learnt from a number of Masters in China and Asia .I learned from Master Sha in 2006 in Melbourne Australia, on his first travel around the world. The benefits of the secrets wisdom and practical techniques are all acknowledging the bodies healing availabilities. Each Power Healing Technique alone can stimulate cellular vibration, but used together the four keys to Power healing accelerates cellular vibration . This acceleration brings healing results much faster. I rarely now wake up with a sore throat and a cold sore . If I do, I tap my throat and chant "Golden Light heals and prevents sickness" for 2-3 mins 2-3 times a day. It goes more than 50% AFTER THE FIRST PRACTISE . Im grateful because Master Sha has developed Power Healing Book with the combination of Western Medicine (which addresses the matter) Traditional Chinese Medicine (which addresses the Chi/energy) and many Ancient Chinese secrets/practises that have not been released before that included the Soul. Learn about the the 5 energy centres that help you to gain power.Speak to you soon. Love Love Love  Hao

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