Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Tao Calligraphy Distant Healing Quantum Level

Dear Friend,

Starting Nov 21 I will be offering a limited number of people the opportunity to receive TAO Calligraphy Healing for ONE condition or issue for 300 minutes.
I will offer the TAO Source Calligraphy „DA AI“ - „Greatest Love“ healing for 10 minutes every day for one month. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.

This is 300 minutes in a month.
300 minutes powerful healing Love and Light for your condition has the potential to completely transform any life challenge or sickness.

The Tao Source Calligraphy Greatest Love carries the very high frequency and vibration of light and love.
(50’000 Hz and more)
And this power will then go to the aspect you choose that needs healing. (most blocked or painful areas have a very low frequency and vibration 20’000 and below)

The Tao Calligraphy Distant Healing is dealing with the root blockages which are on the Quantum level.
(Quantum Science says information or message - the spiritual realm talk about Soul … These are the
different words for the SAME thing ;) … )
Therefor this healing is happening on the Soul Level.
As my teacher Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches: The Soul is the Boss. . . When the soul heals, healing of mind and body will happen.

What can you request healing for?
You can ask for any physical pain, for any organ, system or part of the body you feel pain or condition.
You can ask for a relationship healing.
You can ask for unbalanced emotions or any blockage that is burdening you.
Be creative. Everything can be healed. Even negative habits and beliefs .

To be part of this Divine healing experience, you only need honor a $50 AUD one time registration fee.
Your healing will begin on Nov 21 and conclude on Dec 21 2016.

After one month or earlier I would love you to share your experience and transformation on Facebook so
that others can learn about and benefit from this most profound TAO SOURCE healing.

If a miracle healing occurs for you, you may feel moved In your heart to honor more, but $50 is all that is
being asked for this powerful healing experience.
Of course if you do not experience significant positive
change after this 300 minutes of healing – your $50 honor fee will be returned in full. That is my personal
100% money back guarantee.

I want as many people to heal and to get to know the Power of Tao Calligraphy Healing so that they can
transform their lives.

I look forward to your healing and transformation. Please note that numbers are limited. Registration
closes on Nov 14 2016. Healing begins Nov 21 2016.

To register call Master Trevor Allen on 0439009330

or email Please include your phone number if you are contacting us by email.

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