Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jin Dan can bring you to Tao

Dear Ones,

About five years ago, the Divine and Tao guided me to release one of the most important practical sacred Tao practices. This practical treasure is named Jin Dan practice.

Jin Dan is a golden light ball located in one’s lower abdomen, just below the navel and in the center of the body. No one is born with a Jin Dan. Special Tao practice is required to create a Jin Dan.

Jin Dan has layers—different sizes and frequencies. A Tao practitioner can absolutely form a Jin Dan through his or her own efforts. Generally speaking, the Jin Dan developed by a Tao practitioner in this way is the size of a fist. This Jin Dan is created entirely through the practitioner’s own efforts. We could call such a Jin Dan a human Jin Dan.

In one sentence:

Jin Dan is the greatest treasure for all life.

A human being’s soul, mind, and body and a human being’s message, energy, and matter are not enough to build a Jin Dan. Jin Dan gathers the soul, mind, and body of Heaven and Earth, as well as the message, energy, and matter of Heaven and Earth. The Divine and Tao have given me a sacred divine and Tao mantra consisting of eleven sacred phrases. They have guided me that chanting this sacred mantra could help you build your Jin Dan eight to ten times faster than traditional ways.

How does this mantra work? Chanting this sacred mantra gathers the message, energy, and matter from Tao, all universes, all galaxies, all stars, all planets, all layers of Heaven, Mother Earth, the human realm, and from your own soul, mind, and body, to form your Jin Dan.

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