Friday, March 11, 2016

The significance and power of the Ming Men Jin Dan is beyond words. It can transform all life. All life includes: Boosting energy, stamina, vitality and immunity Healing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies Preventing all sickness Transforming all relationships Transforming finances and business Increasing intelligence, including mind intelligence, heart intelligence and soul intelligence Opening spiritual channels, including the Soul Language Channel, Direct Soul Communication Channel, Third Eye Channel and Direct Knowing Channel Enlightening the soul, heart, mind and body Bringing success to every part of life Remember the teaching, Da Tao Zhi Jian, the big way (Tao) is extremely simple. Practice with me now. Body Power: Big inhale. Exhale. Place your mind on the Ming Men acupuncture point, directly opposite your navel (on your back). The essence, jing hua, will come from countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes. Mind Power: Visualize a golden light ball rotating and radiating in your Ming Men point. Sound Power: Chant: Ming Men Jin Dan Ming Men Shen Qi Jing to form my Ming Men Jin Dan Ming Men Jin Dan Ming Men Shen Qi Jing to form my Ming Men Jin Dan

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