Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dear beloved everyone,
I would like to share a few more quotes from the "Living Divine Relationships" Book which I enjoy so much and receive many blesssings and purification.
"So you see it is most important to know that when you lose your awareness of the beauty and perfection of each day and each moment, it is you who are separating from your relationship with God."
Living Divine Relationships p.28

 "Greet all moments for the rest of your life with purity, kindness and gratitude."
Living Divine Relationships p.33     

 “So to realize my complete mission and to help you also realize the true purpose of your soul, you must learn that darkness and light are one and the same.”
Living Divine Relationships p.130 
“ You must therefore not only purify your thinking, you must bring your thinking into a place of clarity in which there is no thought, just awareness.”
Living Divine Relationships p.137

 “To be a universal servant, you must always be in this state of quiet and peace to listen well and receive guidance.”
Living Divine Relationships p.151

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  1. Dear Master Trevor, Living Divine Relationships is a very thorough and simplified book with so many wisdom to read, learn and practice. Some are not repeated in other Power Series books that I have read. I feel so touched and always remind myself to re read and re learn that chapter that inspires me to stay focus, peaceful and be able to align soul heart mind and body with Master Sha and the mission, the Divine, and Tao, the Source. Da Tao Zhi Jian, the big way is the simplest way. I learn to align jing qi shen at Ren Di Tian levels with jing qi shen of Tao at Master Sha's calligraphy workshops and wish to spread this teaching to all wan ling. Thank you Master Sha. Thank you the Divine, Tao the Source and all my spiritual teachers, Shi Fus and physical teachers on Mother Earth including all divine channels.Thank you Master Trevor. I am so grateful and appreciative listening your wonderful and profound teachings on chanting channel. LY LY LY LY ALL Da Ai and Da Gan En. CBD CBD CBD