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Dr and Master Sha on Goodlife!"So everybody can be a healer for themselves and others?"

So everybody can be a healer for themselves and others?

Interview by Evelyn Einhaeuser

Why is it so difficult to combine the understanding of ancient healing modalities with modern medicine?

Ancient Chinese wisdom combines three important concepts: Jing, which is matter. Chi, which is energy, and Shen,
which consists of soul, heart, and mind. I explain this further in my
new book, “Soul Mind Body Science System: Grand Unification Theory and
Practice for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality.”

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, the human structure has three bodies. The Jing
body is the physical body. That is what modern medicine concentrates
on. Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, and many other healing
modalities focus primarily on the Chi body, which is energy healing for the energy body.

make it clearer, you could say modern medicine concentrates on the
matter within the cells, while traditional Chinese medicine focuses on
the energy around the cells. If you look at a cellular level though,
when cells expand, they actually take in energy. So as cells contract
and expand, there is a constant exchange between matter and energy.

for many, many years, before there was a precise cellular
understanding, modern medicine could not be combined with traditional
healing modalities, because modern medicine talked about bacteria and
blood plasma and other physical structures. And the traditional
modalities talked about Yin and Yang
or the Five Elements. So the two systems had completely different
understandings of the human structure and that is why it was very
difficult to integrate them.

But now, if you go to a
cellular level and see that energy enter a cell when the cell expands,
modern medicine and ancient energy understanding actually meet and can

Now we still have to talk about Shen, which
includes the soul. What is the soul? Matter carries the soul. We as
human beings have a soul, but also each of our organs, every cell,
nucleus, DNA, and RNA all carry a soul. You actually have countless
souls in your body. Every organ has billions of cells and each of these
cells has a soul. In ancient Chinese medicine, everything contains Shen,
so everything has a soul, heart, and mind. Mind in this context doesn’t
mean intellect, it represents consciousness. Therefore every cell has a
soul, a heart, and a consciousness.

To sum it up, every cell is made up of Jing Qi Shen,
matter, energy, and soul, heart, and consciousness. Every being and
every thing is made of that combination, whether it be a human being, an
animal, or even structures like the ocean.
If you have
this depth of understanding or an open Third Eye, you can communicate
with the soul of a mountain or the soul of an ocean. This is ancient
wisdom that I share here.

You said, ”Soul leads mind. Mind leads energy. Energy leads matter.” Can you explain?

There are four important ancient wisdoms contained in this one sentence. The first is Qi Dao Xue Dao. Qi means energy. Dao means arrive. Xue means blood. Qi Dao Xue Dao means when energy arrives, blood arrives. What does that mean? For example, if a person sprains an ankle, Qi is
blocked there and the blood flow might be stagnant. Now if you focus
your attention on the ankle and meditate, energy goes there. And if
energy goes there, blood circulation will improve. Energy moves blood.
So you can say energy is the boss of matter.

Yi Dao Qi Dao is the next wisdom. Yi Dao Qi Dao means
when your mind arrives, energy arrives. So if you put your focus,
meaning your mind or awareness, on your heart for example, energy will
go there. And if energy goes there, blood will follow. So mind is the
boss of energy, to put it very simply.

The third wisdom is Xin Dao Yi Dao. Xin means
heart. This says the heart is the boss of the mind. That is why many
ancient teachings don’t talk about mind thinking; they actually talk
about heart thinking. Because in our ancient understanding, the heart
houses the mind and the soul.

The last important sentence is Ling Dao Xin Dao. Ling means soul. It means when the message of the soul arrives, the heart follows.

What is the connection to the Tao and what is the Tao?

many people hear the word Tao, they think of Taoism. But this is not
how I teach it. Tao is the Source. Many people know the famous Chinese
philosopher and founder of Taoism, Lao Zi. Lao Zi wrote: Tao Ke Tao, Fei Chang Tao. It means that Tao (the Source) cannot be explained by words and cannot be comprehended by thought. Lao Zi further explained: Huang Xi Hu Xi,
which refers to our Third Eye, the spiritual eye. He says that our
normal perception is blurred and we tend to see matter as reality. So
the Tao is beyond our normal perception and cannot be explained in words
or comprehended by our intellect.

But the Tao also consists of the same components of matter, energy, heart, soul, and consciousness that we have just discussed.

Lao Zi said that the Tao created one energy. It is called Hun Dun. This is a mix of light (Qing Qi) and heavy (Zhuo Qi) energy. After millennia and eons, the light energy ascended and created heaven (Qing Sheng Wei Tian) and the heavy energy descended and formed Mother Earth (Zhuo Jiang Wei Di).
So from one, the Hun Dun, two entities formed, heaven and earth, and
the Tao was the ultimate creator of the two. Next, human beings were
created as number three and from that countless other entities were

If you understand it correctly, these three
entities form a circle, because human beings contain both light and
heavy energies and also come from this one unity. So, the One can be
reestablished at the level of each individual entity. But the balance is
not there anymore. In the heavenly realm, there are no desires; in our
earthly realm, there are too many desires. So the way for a human being
to return to a state of Tao is to purify and transform the earthly Jing Qi Shen back to a more heavenly Jing Qi Shen. That
is if you are on a spiritual path and want to reach immortality.
Immortality is possible but only if you purify and practice, not just in
this one lifetime, but for many lifetimes.

Tao is
the Source, the creator. Tao is beyond space and time. Tao has no shape.
Tao is a selfless and unconditional servant. Tao doesn’t take any
credit. Therefore, we can easily see how far human beings have developed
away from Tao and how much we need to purify to return to that state.

we all suffer from negative emotions and mind-sets like grief or anger
these days. What can we do against these emotions and how should we
practice and purify

The ancient teachings mentioned four techniques:

The first is Shen Mi. Shen means body and Mi means secret. Shen Mi means body secret.
It means to use hand and body positions for healing. For example, a
person might have a lot of anger. How can the person address that? Put
one palm below the navel and the other palm over the liver and focus
attention there. This is ancient wisdom of TCM (traditional Chinese
medicine). The liver is a physical organ. Anger is related to the
emotional body. The physical body and emotional body are interconnected.
If the person has a liver sickness such as Hepatitis A, B or C,
cirrhosis, or other issues, the person could be easily irritated and
upset. This is how the physical body affects the emotional body. If the
person gets upset a lot, the emotional body can affect the physical body
and could cause sickness in the physical body. This is how they
influence each other.

The second ancient technique is named Kou Mi. Kou means mouth. Mi means secret. Kou Mi
means to chant a mantra. Many Chinese, Indian, and many other ancient
practices all chant. To chanting is to repeat certain sounds. These
repetitive sounds carry invisible love, forgiveness, compassion, and
light. Mantras can therefore remove shen qi jing
blockages for healing. So you could place your hands on you body and
chant a mantra to reduce your anger. Chanting healing mantras can remove
blockages on any level.

The third ancient technique is Yi Mi. Yi means thinking. Mi means secret. Yi Mi means using our consciousness for healing. In our time, it refers to meditation. Yi Mi
means creative visualization. Some people visualize the Divine or
saints, heaven, sun, moon, ocean, etc. Meditation is creative
visualization. You can visualize anything you wish that supports the
healing function.

Where do these blockages occur and stem from?

Jing blockages are within the cells. Qi blockages are between the cells. Shen
blockages include blockages of the soul, heart, and mind. Soul
blockages stem from all kinds of negative karma including personal
karma, ancestral karma, relationship karma, curses, voodoo, etc. Heart
blockages include impurities such as selfishness, greed, etc. Mind
blockages include negative mind-sets, negative beliefs, negative
attitudes, ego, attachments, etc.

Can I also use these techniques for healing someone else?

you can use them for someone else. For example, when your child has
health challenges, you can say, “Dear Divine, can I call you? My
daughter has a health issue. Can you heal my daughter?” Then chant,
“God's light.” If your Third Eye is open, you may even see God appear
shining gold, crystal, or other kinds of colors to your child's body.
You can use the three techniques together for healing yourself, for
healing your children, or anybody else. In the last eleven years my
teaching has benefitted millions of people worldwide.

So everybody can be a healer for themselves and others?

Yes, definitely. The message of my teaching is:

I have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of my life.

You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.

Together we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life of humanity and all souls.

You have said that each cell and every entity has a soul. How can I use this for healing?

Divine and the Tao have given me a fourth technique which has not been
used enough in history. It is a Soul Power technique. I named it “Say
Hello Healing®” and this simply means to invoke the souls for healing.
You can invoke the souls of the sun, the ocean, of fire, or of herbs.
For example, you can invoke Chinese herbs, ayurvedic herbs, or chant the
names of the herbs. You could receive remarkable healing results. We
have thousands of soul healing miracles where people did the Say Hello
practice with the saints, with the sun, with Mother Earth and created
unbelievable results.

What is the cause for suffering and sickness?

my teaching, I stress that karma is the root cause of success and
failure in every aspect of life. Karma means the record of your services
in all of your lives. There are two kinds of services. If a person
serves others with love, care, compassion, generosity, kindness, grace,
and integrity, Heaven will record this person as having good karma. If a
person kills, harms, takes advantages of others, steals, cheats, and
more, this person has a record of negative karma. According to karmic
law, a person who offers good karma to others in all lifetimes,
including past lifetimes and this lifetime, will receive rewards in
health, relationships, finances, intelligence, success, and more. A
person who has negative karma could learn lessons including sickness,
challenges in relationships, finances, intelligence, and more. In 2003
the Divine gave me the authority to clear negative karma and this can
create extremely good healing results.

I have seen that the beautiful calligraphies you have made that also contain healing energy. Can you say something about that?

is my fifth technique: Calligraphy Power. We all know calligraphy is a
Chinese art. After I write a calligraphy, the Divine transmits Divine shen qi jing and Tao transmits Tao shen qi jing to
it. The calligraphy then connects with countless saints, saint's
animals, and temples on Earth and in heaven. They connect with the
calligraphy. When the person uses the calligraphy, healing results can
be remarkable.

Can you share a simple healing exercise with our readers that they can practice daily?

One of the most important fundamental and sacred practices is to put your mind on the Ming Men area. How can you find the Ming Men area? From your navel make a straight line to your back. That point is named the Ming Men acupuncture point. Ming means life. Men means gate. Ming Men literally means the life gate.

the sun shines on the ocean, the water turns to steam. The steam rises.
The steam is named the Qi of Mother Earth. Mother Earth's Qi rises to
Heaven to form the clouds. The clouds will turn to rain and flow down.

the same way, when you put your mind on the Ming Men area your mind
acts like the sun. The Ming Men area is just like water. So the water
will flow up automatically. The result is that you are producing liquid
in your mouth. You need to swallow the liquid. This is one of the most
powerful daily practices and is very healthy. There is no time limit.
Put the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Put your mind on the
lower back area of the Ming Men and you will receive benefits as soon
as you do this. This is a powerful and practical technique.

My book, “Tao II: The Way of Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality
explains two hundred twenty sacred phrases and sacred practices, but
this is a simple and important one. I hope the readers benefit from it.

Is there something you would like to state in the end?

If you are more interested in these topics, you should read “Soul
Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and
Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and
Physical Bodies
”. It contains a lot of knowledge about both the
ancient wisdoms and modern medicinal understandings. It is a great book
for everyone who is interested in working in a holistic manner. There
are also many techniques given in this book for healing the physical,
mental, and emotional bodies. Also if you are interested in learning
more, you can connect over the website. And we have a chanting channel
now which offers free chanting for healing twenty-four hours a day:


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