Monday, September 23, 2013

My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Unconditional Love started from a very young age.
When I came to Mother Earth as first child for the family I was loved so much. At age 5-6 my sister arrived then another. I had difficulty with sleeping as my Mother & Father had some nights of loud discussions. I had a dream many times. My soul walked out to the front of the home and I looked up to heaven and asked God to get me out of here. Because I said hello to God and asked him sincerely he responded in a good way.
He arranged for me to have conjunctivitis and measles at same time. Because of measles I lost hearing in left ear. So when I slept on my right ear I couldnt hear the polluted words.
Remember "Success & Failure happens at the same time"


  1. Dear Master Trevor,

    thank you for these glimpses of the beginning of your soul`s journey in this lifetime!

    I am looking forward to read and learn more, as this is such an important topic for all souls on a spiritual journey.

    With love from Germany!

    1. Dunka Dunka Dunka N.Kaiser . Everything in life is always a blessing for our physical & spiritual life.

  2. Dear Master Trevor,
    Thank you for your words of wisdom. To see love, and, to feel love in all situations is not easy. My journey with Master Sha has taught me many things...most important was "Love melts all blockages". Thank you for sharing, and being an inspiration to me. Love you. Christine